Your hub to use the Simplicité application platform in the cloud:

Docker, CloudFoundry, Heroku, OpenShift, ...

What is Simplicité.io?

The hub

Simplicité.io is be the hub for using the Simplicité low code platform as a service on various public cloud infrastucture (IaaS and PaaS). If you want to evaluate Simplicité, you can get a free(*) evaluation sandbox.

(*) The evaluation sandbox is 1 month free (terms and conditions).

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What is Simplicité?

The platform

The Simplicité platform is a low code platform (or aPaaS = application platform as a service) designed to run on any public or private cloud infrastructure (IaaS and PaaS). It dynamically turns your specific business models (data, profiles, rights, workflows, rules, etc.) into a full-featured enterprise application exposing generic web UIs and webservices APIs (for integration and custom frontends) .

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Getting started with Simplicité 

Look at our sample business modules for ready-to-use business configurations to start with.

You can also find other resources to get you started.  This way you'll learn how to make your application.

You want to discuss of Simplicité with other users ? We have a site for that.

Simplicité on IBM Bluemix !

Try it as a sandbox on Bluemix

Simplicité sandboxes are now available as a service on the IBM Bluemix PaaS (based on CloudFoundry ).
This blog article available on the Bluemix Developers Community explains the procedure

Try it as an application on Bluemix

You can also run Simplicité as an application on IBM Bluemix.
Here is the deployment procedure.


Check our DockerHub space to learn how to run Simplicité sandboxes as Docker containers.


Check our Heroku template on GitHub to learn how to run Simplicité sandboxes on the Heroku PaaS.


Check our OpenShift template on GitHub to learn how to run Simplicité sandboxes on the OpenShift PaaS.


Check our opensource contributions and demos on on GitHub that can be used to build custom frontends on top of your Simplicité sandbox.