Version 3.0 maintenance 17 release note


Refactored place maps

The place maps features has been refactored so as to use the new geocoordinates type field instead of 2 float fields for latlitude and logitude.

Google server side tools

A new tool class is now available to use Google geocodig API on the server side.

Typical usage is with a geocoordinates field, for example in a pre/postValidate or preSave hook of a business object:

var coords = this.getField("myCoords");
var address = this.getField("myAddressField");
if (!address.isEmpty() && (coords.isEmpty() || address.hasChanged())

Be careful that calling the methods of this class does a call to Google web services which takes time and is limited by quotas. For example, it does not make sense to use it in a hook that can be called in mass (e.g. in a init* hook of a business object).