Version 3.0 maintenance 19 release note


Password encoding defaults to MD5/HEX for Tomcat

It is highly recommended to have passwords encoded as MD5/HEX when using Tomcat.

This is still an manual configuration but this will become the default shortly.

Enhanced meta object data in JSON webservices

The meta object fields data have now two extra attributes (in addition to the existing object and row_id) :

In addition you can now precise that you want the full referenced record data to be inlined. To do so you can :

When this inline option is set the meta oject field will have an additional item attribute with the full referenced record data in it.

Note that if documents and images are inlined at the top level this will also be the case for these referenced data, and at the potential sub-level referenced data (for which the inline option will be also active).

Additional publication template MIME types

The following forced MIME types are now available for print templates:

Test case pubication as markdown archive

A new publication template has been added on ALM test case so as to publish the test case as a Markdown archive.

The publicattion result is a ZIP archive containing a main file referencing screen shots images files of the test case steps.

Enhanced Bootstrap® web page template

The com.simplicite.webapp.web.BootstrapWebPage has been enhanced (DOM IDs on main area bs-main, ans main menu bs-menu, side menu zone, ...).

Check the associated Javadoc for details.

Support for HTTP method override for REST services

REST services using HTTP PUT (update) and DELETE (delete) methods can now use HTTP POST and the standard X-HTTP-Method-Override HTTP header (in addition to legacy _method HTTP parameter approach).

Refactored mobile web UI

The old jQueryMobile-based mobile web UI has been refactored as a Bootstrap® responsive UI.

Mobile UI snapshot

It is still a very light subset of the desktop web UI dedicated to be used in mobility situations where only basic features are required.

Timeout on AJAX API

It is now possible to set a global timeout on Ajax API calls using the setTimeout function.

Login size

It is now allowed to increase the login size (field usr_login).