Version 3.1 maintenance 01 release note


Mail service settings as system parameter

It is now possible to configure mail service using the MAIL_SERVICE system parameter, check this document for details.

Additional datasources as system parameters

When using Apache Tomcat, it is now possible to configure additional datasource using system parameters, check this document for details.

Added lib and helper class for handling EAN Barcodes

The open source Barcode4J has been included and an associated helper class has been added.

Online Javadoc and JSDoc

The Javadoc and JSDoc buttons of the editor page are now on the online resources.

If you still need local Javadoc and JSDoc you can set the JAVADOC_LOCATION and JSDOC_LOCATION to a local URL or relative web path.

If you use default online Javadoc you benefit from the direct class search feature which is available by clicking on the Javadoc button on the script editor page when you have highlighted the name of the class you look for.

TinyMCE as HTML Rich editor

We switch to TinyMCE as editor for HTML field. It provides HTML5 support, better copy-paste features and generates compliant HTML code.

2 system parameters are available to customize the available plugins and toolbar of the editor.


Default values can be seen on the basic example page. You can also find a list of available plugins to use.


  • Field rendering: Integer with rendering Euro displays now the thousands separator