Version 3.1 patchlevel 12 release note


File diffs

A file diff feature has been integrated, this allows to check differences between versions of a file (server side script or HTML, JS, CSS resources).

canFollowLink & canCreateOnLink

Those 2 hooks have been added to the scripted objects. Example :

Myobject.canFollowLink(field) { return field && field.getName()=="ThisFieldOnly"; }
Myobject.canCreateOnLink(field) { return field && field.getName()=="ThisFieldOnly"; }

Hooks for index search

New hooks preSearchIndex and postSearchIndex have been added to change the result of full text search. The result is a Vector of SearchItem.

GrantHooks.postSearchIndex = function(g,rows) {
    // Access to items
    for (var i=0; rows && i<rows.size(); i++) {
        var item = rows.get(i);
        console.log("score "+item.score);   // Optional scoring
        console.log("object "+item.object); // Optional object name
        console.log("row_id "+item.row_id); // Optional row_id
        console.log("key "+item.key);   // Item unique key
        console.log("ukey "+item.ukey); // Default user key to display
        console.log("data "; // Default payload or summary to display
        if (item.values) {
            //... Optional object values as a List of String

    // Sample to add an item on top
    var item = new SearchItem();
    item.score = "1000";
    item.ukey = "The best item"; = "This item is always returned...";
    if (rows) rows.add(0,item);

    return rows;

Refactored main page

The following legacy main page components JSPs have been removed:

  • PUB_head.jsp and jsp/SYS_head.jsp
  • PUB_foot.jsp and jsp/SYS_foot.jsp
  • PUB_left.jsp and et jsp/SYS_menu.jsp
  • PUB_right.jsp and jsp/SYS_extra.jsp
  • PUB_shortcuts.jsp and jsp/SYS_shortcuts.jsp
  • main.jsp and jsp/main.jsp

This has no impact unless you have overridden some of these JSPs (which is certainly for bad reasons ;-).


  • Integration of Rhino script engine libs as JSR223 third party libs + explicit usage of "rhino" engine.
  • Export POI: option is not proposed when POI is not installed
  • Object default SearchSpec: [login] and [userid] substitution have been fixed