Version 3.2 patchlevel 03 release note


Easy mode

Designer screenflows has been released to support easy mode. They will bypass some optional steps with default values.

Note: this feature has been back ported to the 3.1 maintenance branch.

DB sequences for Oracle and PostgreSQL

The native sequences are now used on Oracle and PostgreSQL when the dedicated system parameter is set.


Note: The older behavior using m_rowid table is still available when parameter = no

Save | Save/Close | Close

Now Designer can easily disable per object the object buttons:

Generated actions

Depending on user rights, the common actions are loaded as java Action in the user session GrantWeb.

When they are granted, designer can use code to change the Action on the fly, for examples:

// To move the Preferences button in the "plus" menu
// To hide the Export button on UI

List of generated actions

Action name Button "Plus" design Description
reload UI and code Reload the form or the list
prefs UI and Code Access to the object preferences
delete UI and Code Delete the current item
copy UI and Code Copy the current item
export UI and Code Export the item or the list
exportxml Code Export as XML
listedit UI and Code Edit the list
addlist UI and Code Add item on list
delall UI and Code Delete selected records
updall UI and Code Update selected record
merge UI and Code Merge selected records
associate-[name] UI and Code Associate items to parent
crosstab_[name] UI and Code Display the crosstab
print_[name] UI and Code Use a print template on item
printlist_[name] UI and Code Use a print template on list
mailing_[name] UI and Code Use a print template on emails
agenda_[name] Code Display the agenda
placemap_[name] Code Display the placemap
graph_[name] Code Display the chart
tsheet_[name] Code Display the timesheet
gantt_[name] Code Display the gantt diagram

Modeler Ajax calls

For a better user experience, the modeler calls now asynchronously the server. The UI doesn't freeze anymore when models are complex.

Model definition

New properties have been added to the Model definition, they give default values to the model scripted hooks:

Minimized menu

When the user minimizes the left menu, only domains icons are displayed and items are accessible thru a popup menu.

Responsive design: menu and extra zones are minimized when the screen width are lesser than 1024px (by default or set with parameter MINIMIZE_SIZE).

Tree on list

Reflexive object can display lists with a simple tree view. In this version this behavior has been changed:

User-agent metrics

This new metric has been added to the monitoring:

Runtime optimization