Class MenuItem

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class MenuItem
    extends java.lang.Object
    Main menu item
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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • MenuItem

        public MenuItem​(char itemType,
                        java.lang.String domain,
                        java.lang.String domDisplay,
                        java.lang.String domId,
                        java.lang.String object,
                        java.lang.String objDisplay,
                        java.lang.String url,
                        boolean noSearch,
                        boolean hist,
                        java.lang.String view,
                        boolean home,
                        java.lang.String icon,
                        boolean ext,
                        int order)
      • MenuItem

        public MenuItem​(MenuItem item)
        Copy constructor
    • Method Detail

      • getType

        public char getType()
        Item type
      • isObject

        public boolean isObject()
        Is object ?
      • isExtern

        public boolean isExtern()
        Is URL ?
      • isProcess

        public boolean isProcess()
        Is process (multi-users)
      • isWorkflow

        public boolean isWorkflow()
        Is workflow (mono-user)
      • getDomain

        public java.lang.String getDomain()
      • getDomainDisplay

        public java.lang.String getDomainDisplay()
        Domain display
      • getDomainIcon

        public java.lang.String getDomainIcon()
        Domain icon
      • getDomainId

        public java.lang.String getDomainId()
        Domain id
      • hasHomePage

        public boolean hasHomePage()
        Has home page ?
      • getHomePageName

        public java.lang.String getHomePageName()
        Domain home page (view name)
      • getObjectName

        public java.lang.String getObjectName()
      • getObjectDisplay

        public java.lang.String getObjectDisplay()
        Object display
      • isExtended

        public boolean isExtended()
        Extended menu ?
      • setExtended

        public void setExtended​(boolean ext)
      • getOrder

        public int getOrder()
        Order in menu
      • setOrder

        public void setOrder​(int o)
      • getURL

        public java.lang.String getURL​(Grant g)
      • noSearchForm

        public boolean noSearchForm()
        Direct access to list ?
      • hasHistoric

        public boolean hasHistoric()
        Has historic object ?
      • isDomainOpen

        public boolean isDomainOpen()
        Is domain open ?
      • setDomainOpen

        public void setDomainOpen​(boolean b)
      • isObjectOpen

        public boolean isObjectOpen()
        Is object open ?
      • setObjectOpen

        public void setObjectOpen​(boolean b)
      • getStateModelField

        public java.lang.String getStateModelField()
        Is item a state model
      • setStateModel

        public void setStateModel​(java.lang.String field)
      • getAccessibleStates

        public java.util.List<EnumItem> getAccessibleStates()
        Accessible state codes of the state model
      • setAccessibleStates

        public void setAccessibleStates​(java.util.List<EnumItem> accessibleStates)