E-mail howto

This document shows how to configure application server's e-mail service that is used by Simplicité® to send e-mails.

Tomcat context-level configuration

You can adjust the mail.* properties in your project's server-tomcat.properties in order to get the desired resource configuration in the deployed META-INF/context.xml (or set it manually after deploy).

As of version 3.1 this type of configuration, although still possible, is not recommended (see bellow).

Configuration-level configuration

As of version 3.1 it is possible to configure the mail service properties as JSON in the MAIL_SERVICE system parameter.

For instance, to use a simple SMTP server you can set it like this:

    "mail.transport.protocol": "smtp",
    "mail.smtp.host": "<SMTP host>",
    "mail.smtp.port": "<SMTP port>",
    "mail.from": "<default sender email address>",
    "mail.debug": "<true|false>"

When mail.debug is set to "true", the output is quite verbose, it is not suitable for production.

SMTP server with authentication

If your SMTP server requires authentication you need to add these additional items:

    "mail.smtp.auth": "true",
    "mail.smtp.user": "<your SMTP server username>",
    "password": "<your SMTP server password>"

GMail SMTP server

To use GMail as SMTP server you need to configure an existing (and active) GMail account as follows:

    "mail.from": "<default sender email address>",
    "mail.debug": "<true|false>",
    "mail.transport.protocol": "smtp",
    "mail.smtp.host": "smtp.gmail.com",
    "mail.smtp.port": "465",
    "mail.smtp.auth": "true",
    "mail.smtp.socketFactory.class": "javax.net.ssl.SSLSocketFactory",
    "mail.smtp.user": "<GMail account username>",
    "password": "<GMail account password>"

Sender email address

You can override the sender email address configured above (mail.from) by setting the system parameter EMAIL_DEFAULT_SENDER (which can be overridden by the BPMALERT_FROM system parameter for the particular case of workflow alerts).

When this parameter is not set (or set to default), the mail.from is used.

Use an external service like Mailchimp, MailJet or Sendwithus

See Third party apis page.